Ducted System

All Comfort Air provides Ducted installations. A Ducted system provides comfort to different sections and rooms by dispersing cool or warm air through ceiling or floor vents, that are connected with air conditioning ductwork to the central indoor system.

The Systems can have up to 8 zones allowing comfortability for everyone,  allowing the option to turn specific rooms on/off if they are not being used.

The Central indoor system is usually located within the confines of the roof area where it can be suspended and the air is recirculated from the return intake grille that generally is in a common area or the hallway. 

The outdoor system or condenser is located adjacent to the home and houses the compressor being the primary component of the system, while the system is designed being weather resistance and capable to challenge the Australian climate with the 40+ degree days that we have. 

There are various benefits associated with Ducted systems:

- All Ducted air conditioning must comply with Minimum Energy Performance Standards, this results in a guaranteed efficiency.

- Ducted air conditioning can be utilised to suit your own lifestyle with the option to create and set your own timers to suit your lifestyle.

- Ideally suited for large homes and multi level homes as the ducts can be easily run throughout the home.

- Ducts are seamless and offer a comfortable system that can be isolated based on the room as required. 

- The System is powerful and comprehensive, with cooling or heating within minutes.

- The seamless ducts can blend into the roof easily, allowing the aesthetics of the room to go untouched. This is ideal for a less intrusive style.