All Comfort Air offers Mechanical Ventilation installation. Mechanical Ventilation systems support or replace natural ventilation methods in buildings. While natural ventilation relies on pressure differences or wind to circulate air, mechanical systems use fans, ducts and filters for consistent cooling, circulation and improved indoor air quality.

These systems are ideal in any environment where natural ventilation is not available or is insufficient. They help to keep your home cool in the summer to ease the strain on your air conditioning, bring clean air into small or enclosed spaces and get rid of stale air, heat and pollutants.

There are various benefits associated with the installation of Mechanical Ventilation:

- Improved comfort as the system allows constant flow of outside air into the home whilst also providing filtration, dehumidification and conditioning of the incoming outside air.

- Better Indoor Air Quality by removing allergens, pollutants and moisture, this reduces mould issues.

- Cut out bad odours.

- Reduce strain on your air conditioning systems